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Invitation to the XXIII Congress of the European Spas Association

23rd-25th May 2018 Domburg (The Netherlands)
Date: 29 May’17

more details about the Programme and the Registration process

Highlights of the Programme

Wednesday 23rd May
19h00 - Get Together dinner (BBQ at the beach or at farm Yogabee)

Thursday 24th May
City Hall

9h30 - Opening Session and Flag Parade
11h30 - Health - A way of life in a changing world (Part 1)
14h00 - Health - A way of life in a changing world (Part 2)
16h00 - Medical Research Round Table
20h00 - A Royal Night Out with ESPA: Gala Dinner with ESPA Innovation Awards ceremony at Badpaviljoen

Badpaviljoen in Domburg opened in 1889 and has a very rich history. Here you could find the blooming artist? circle and also the rich local nobility, Russian princes and German princesses. They came to this mondaine resort to enjoy the healthy sea air in Domburg. The European nobility also came to Domburg to visit the famous Dr. Metzger. He treated many spa tourist and is seen as the founder of the current physical therapy.

For the GALA DINNER we won't go back that far (19th century). We will make a time jump to the fabulous fifties, because in these years the spas were booming again and accepted by various countries. Inspired by the movie "A Royal Night Out" we will organize a 50 Gala by the name "A Royal Night Out with ESPA". This very much suits the modaine character of the Badpaviljoen as location and will appeal to the guests.

Elements ESPA GALA DINNER "A Royal Nighy Out":

  • Invitation in style, where a local "Zeeuwse knop" brooch or cufflink will be the entrance ticket for the Gala Dinner. -> see next page for a example of the invitation
  • Welcome by hostesses in 50s clothes with cocktails/bubbles
  • Lady with locale costume and local jewelry (including the famous Zeeuwse knop)
  • Casino (with roulette table and croupier for example)
  • Cocktail bar with shaker (including a special ESPA cocktail with a special sand dune berry)
  • Beauty product in the toilet of Rituals (for example)
  • The 50s Trio "The Triolettes" (
  • Tiny Little Bigband combo (
  • Styling and decoration in 50s party atmosphere
  • ESPA Innovation Awards Ceremony


Chic invitation with a link to Zeeland
The idea is to surprise the invitees with a chic invitation for the ESPA Gala Night when they arrive in Domburg. An example of the invitation you can see above. It is optional to hand over this invitation upon arrival because it will also be send by mail with date, time and dresscode. We do so because we want people to show up in a beautiful dresses and stunning suits. Therefor they have to know beforehands that we invite them to dress up so that they can bring appropriate clothes.


50s Style
The style and atmosphere of the 50s will come back in the invitation as well as the decoration and entertainment. A part of the Badpaviljoen can serve as a casino and there will be live music from The Triolettes and The Tiny Little Bigband combo. Franklin Brown a well known Dutch singer will join them on stage. The Badpaviljoen will be transformed in style. There will be a cocktail shaker (wich also makes typically local cocktails) and lyxury beauty product in the toilet. In addition, a woman, dressed in a local custome, will be walking around with beautiful local jewelry. This lady, of the Zeeuws Museum, can tell the invitees about everything that concerns the Zeeuws culture. She can also invite the quests to come visit the Zeeuws Museum during the week (paralel program introducés).


A night to remember...
With this royal theme, beautiful location with stunning beachview, fine cuisine and great entertainment we are sure that "A Royal Night Out with ESPA" will turn out to be a memorable night!



Friday 25th May

09h30 - ESPA General Assembly
11h00 - Business and Market Value for the future
12h30 - Closing Session of the ESPA Congress
15h00 - Excursion to the Delta Works
20h00 - Dinner at Seafarm Seafood


15:00 Excursion Delta Works
The Delta Works, consisting of 13 sections, together form the largest flood protection system in the world and are definitely worth a visit. This imposing project, also referred to as one of the seven wonders of the world, illustrates how the Dutch deal with water. Furthermore, they lie in a gorgeous environment with wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and many culinary spots.

The Delta Works - incorporating among others a storm surge barrier, dikes, dams and sluice gates - have much to offer for everyone who wishes to see how the Dutch deal with and protect themselves against the waters. The main attraction of the Delta Works is the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier, a unique flood protection construction of 8 kilometers in length, that can shut off the entire Eastern Scheldt in 75 minutes. This ingenious system of 62 enormous sliding gates is meant to prevent a disastrous flood like the one in 1953. The gates are open during normal weather, preserving the marine tide nature and allowing delicious oysters to still be cultivated and Eastern Scheldt lobster to still be caught today.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans, a water theme park on an island in the middle of the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier, is a place where you can enjoy gorgeous nature, culture and technology. You can also visit the Delta Experience there, where you will learn everything about the notorious North Sea Flood of 1953. It?s an absolute must-do when visiting the Delta Works.

There are several group arrangements available at Neeltje Jans. The group size varies from 15 to 20 people. Arrangement "Experience the Delta Works" takes about two hours and is probably the most suitebale for the ESPA group. This excursion is provided by a supervisor and includes an introduction of the storm surge barrier and a fascinating film about the construction. After that, guests can see the storm surge barrier with there own eyes during a tour.



Bepending on the time schedule it is possible to visit the seaweed farm in the Jacobahaven (near Seafarm) befor visiting the Delta Works. Here the two ladies of Zeewaar ( can give an introduction of the cultivation of seaweed in Zeeland and the growing European market for this healthy and commonly used product in Asia. Because of the harvest of the seeweed we have to be there before four o'clock.

20:00 Dinner at Seafarm Seafood
Seafarm Seafood & Tasting is located in Kamperland. It's a tasting room and the last link between processing the raw products en the final consumer. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood directly from the sea on to your plate. The menu of Seafarm includes fish, fish and more fish. Delicious shells of fruits de mer can?t be missed.


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